About Me

Janay Boucan is a real estate investor, property manager, a real estate agent, social worker, and an author and she has been investing in real estate since 2015. She is the proud owner of SJB Investments, LLC, a company that purchases and renovates abandoned properties in the metro Atlanta area. Ms. Boucan purchases properties near the Atlanta Beltline, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, and local colleges and universities and then sells these properties to families and/or leases these properties by room to college students. Janay has worked hard maintaining these properties and ensuring they are safe and comfortable for students and families. She uses licensed contractors that are meticulous and focused on doing high-quality work.

Ms. Boucan also manages her 3 student rental properties (see portfolio) and provides affordable housing for students in the Atlanta University Consortium (AUC) and Georgia State University. She has purchased five investment properties since January 2016 and is actively searching for more real estate investments. Three of the properties are rental properties, one property was a buy-and-hold, and currently she is selling her first fixer upper.

Janay is passionate about helping you with all of your real estate needs—if you are a first-time home buyer. a first-time investor, or even a seasoned investor!

Janay Boucan is also in the Masters of Science in Commercial Real Estate (MSCRE) Program at Georgia State University, focusing on property management and project management and she will be graduating in August 2019. She served in student affairs, specifically, the Housing & Residence Life Department for 8 years and now she is planning to develop an affordable student apartment complex.